Analogue Panels

The Type-A Excitation Control Panel is to provide controls and protection for the excitation control of Generators upto 30MW.

The system is built around a heavy duty type Automatic Voltage Regulator and one Manual channel. AVR maintains generator voltage within close regulation limits on loading. The manual channel is built to provide excitation power upto 110% full load. The Manual channel will be useful especially during initial commissioning stages and to provide a simple alternative to the Auto channel when the Auto channel goes out of order.

The VAr/PF Control Module of Sanelec is employed to provide a constant PF or constant VAr operation while operating in parallel with grid during Auto mode. This module will keep the Power Factor or VAr (depending on the mode selected) constant at the set value against normal grid voltage variation and MW load variation.

The limiter used is UMVAr which protects the generator by quickly increasing the excitation when the generator Pf goes leading beyond limit.

The protections are used in the event of Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Excitation, Under Excitation, Diode Failure and PT Fuse Failure.

Indicators are provided for all operating status and fault status through µP based Facia cum Annunciator unit.

The Excitation System includes features, which will enable the Generator to operate
1. Solo
2. Parallel with other Generators
3. Parallel with the EB grid

Mounting Plate

Mounting Plate – A cost effective Analogue AVR cum APFC mounting plate for smaller range machines wherein the mounting plate can be fixed in Generator Control panels.