Company Profile

  • With a modest beginning in 1998, producing a few hundred regulators a month, we now have Machine mounted AVRs in excess of 4,50,000 units in the field (with generator range 1KVA-3750KVA). This is possible only with design excellence and strict quality standards in the entire gamut of our working sphere. Our regulators are readily suitable for almost all leading brands of Alternators.
  • Today we have in excess of 4,500 numbers of excitation systems working in the field in the range of 1MW to 100MW. Majority are in operation continuously in parallel with various state electricity board grids. We have supplied and commissioned many brush type and brushless type excitation systems for alternators and Synchronous Motors. We are also working with REIVAX on the Large Alternator Excitation Systems in the range of 200MW to 500MW.
    The digital excitation control panels are with Auto-Auto or Auto-Manual bump less change over systems. We currently employ REIVAX Controllers to make digital excitation control panels.
  • We have manufactured & supplied cost ‐ effective Analogue versions and latest technology Digital AVR panels. Our major supplies are through many of our valuable OEMs who have been supporting us for many years.
  • Our special purpose regulators find use in Railway power cars, Marine and Air force application. These have JSS 55555 approval.
  • We have also been managing with 12 - 15% Exports which we are intending to increase in coming years..
  • We are an ISO certified Company

It is our constant endeavour to improve Quality and make regulators available at the right price levels to all OEMs and users in India and abroad.

Our Vision, Mission, Values


To set a bench mark in design and manufacture of

  • AVRs
  • Excitation Control Panels
  • Static Excitation Systems
  • Other Systems


Promoting our products by

  • Continuously improving quality
  • Providing better and timely service
  • Delivering quality in every aspect within the time frame at competitive price


  • Strict adherence to commitment
  • Optimising team work
  • Constantly raising the bar